Looking for the best Mortgage Broker in Brisbane? The 2024 Guide

If you're researching mortgage brokers in Brisbane, this article will help. 

Of course, buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make, and having the right mortgage broker by your side can make all the difference. Yet, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate through all the different lenders and mortgage products on offer. That's where a knowledgeable and experienced mortgage broker comes in.

In this 2024 Brisbane Mortgage Broker guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about finding and working with a mortgage broker in Brisbane. From understanding what they do and how they can help you to tips on selecting the best one for your needs – we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and learn all about the world of mortgage brokering in Brisbane.

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First, what is a Mortgage Broker exactly?

A mortgage broker in Brisbane is a qualified and licensed financial professional who acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. They work with various mortgage lenders to assist clients in finding the most suitable home loan for their specific situation and needs.

Mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of lenders, including banks, credit unions, and non-bank lenders. They can offer a variety of mortgage products, from fixed-rate loans to adjustable-rate mortgages. They also provide valuable guidance and advice throughout the entire home buying journey, from initial consultation, pre-approval, finding the ideal loan solution and competitive rates, to final settlement.

For example, at Zest Mortgage Solutions, we work with over 60 lenders - and we work for you, not the banks.

One of the other main advantages of working with a mortgage broker is that we do the majority of the legwork and paperwork for you, saving you huge amounts of time, stress and hassle. We're experts who assess your financial situation, compare different options, negotiate on your behalf, and ultimately help you secure the best possible mortgage deal and weekly or monthly repayments that suit your lifestyle. 

In addition, mortgage brokers (well, at least us here at Zest) are paid by the lender, so our services are completely free. There are no additional costs to you or your loan; it is simply a program banks and lenders set up to expand their reach.

Overview of a Brisbane Mortgage Broker's role in your home buying process

As mentioned, the best Brisbane mortgage brokers are highly trained professionals who specialise in home loans and understanding your financial circumstances. The best Brisbane Mortgage Brokers have an in-depth understanding of the mortgage market and can provide invaluable advice to help you make informed decisions when choosing a home loan with loan repayments that suit you - be it your first home or your fifth.

Here is a brief overview of how mortgage brokers can assist you throughout the home-buying process:

  • Understanding your financial situation: Before starting your search for a home loan, a mortgage broker will assess your financial situation, including your income, credit score, and debt-to-income ratio. This information helps them determine what types of loans you may qualify for, how much you can realistically borrow, and what amount would suit your current (and future) lifestyle. This is something the major banks and financial institutions continually struggle to get right.
  • Finding suitable home loan options: Once a mortgage broker has a good understanding of your financial situation and needs, a mortgage broker like Zest will then research different loan options and loan features from a vast network of lenders. They will compare interest rates, fees, and other features to find the best match for you - and, importantly, try to prevent loan stress, as mortgage brokers are deeply tapped into the market and what interest rates are doing too.
  • Negotiating your home loan on your behalf: Mortgage brokers have strong negotiating skills and can use their relationships with lenders to secure better terms on your behalf. This may include lower interest rates or waived fees, how to set up offset accounts and more. Home loans are unlike personal loans; there are a lot more options, and this is where both experience in finance and understanding what a complete lending solution looks like come into play.
  • Making the mortgage application process easier: Applying for a home loan can be a complex and time-consuming process - in fact, it's downright stressful. An independent mortgage broker like Zest Mortgage Solutions will simplify this process by handling all the paperwork and liaising with the lender on your behalf. We can even work with your Brisbane real estate agent and solicitor and provide advice if you still need the resources.
  • Providing ongoing mortgage support: Even if your home loan is approved quickly, a mortgage broker can continue to offer guidance and support throughout the life of your mortgage and personal financial journey. They can help you review your loan periodically and make adjustments if needed, like if your individual circumstances change or if you need some financial advice on acquiring an investment property or changing homes before going ahead.
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7 things to look for when choosing a Mortgage Broker in Brisbane

With a handful of great Brisbane Mortgage Brokers and a number who you might want to avoid, here are the 7 most important factors to consider when selecting a mortgage broker in Brisbane:

1. Experience and qualifications

When it comes to something as important as your home loan, you want to work with someone who has the necessary qualifications and experience. Look for a mortgage broker who is accredited by industry organisations such as the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), where our founder, Mel Wright, even won the Young Professional MFAA Award (Zest win MFAA award). Experience in the Brisbane market is also absolutely crucial, as brokers like Zest not only understand the local Brisbane property market but also your individual situation in Brisbane, which would, of course, be different in another city or Aussie town. A mortgage specialist needs to know a lot to stay ahead of the market, and that's something we pride ourselves on here at Zest.

2. Customer reviews and awards

These days, it's easy to do some research to find out about the reputation of the potential Brisbane brokers you're looking to work with. For example, here are our Zest Google reviews, and you can also find Zest on Facebook, where we get a lot of love from happy customers and Brisbane locals! Another great option is to ask for referrals from friends or family who have recently purchased a property. A reputable Brisbane mortgage broker should have loads of positive reviews and be able to provide references upon request. This will give you confidence that you've found an exemplary broker who has a good track record of helping clients find the right home loan. This same process applies to all banking & financial services. Reviews are your best friend!

Awards are also important. However, not all Brisbane mortgage brokers will apply for awards, so the reviews are more crucial. At Zest we get nominated for loads of Brisbane mortgage broker awards, and you can see them on our website home page (please scroll down a little)

3. Loan success rate

While different mortgage brokers have access to different lenders and products, like at Zest, we have over 60+ lenders on our books, it's really the loan success rate that matters. Our loan success rate is 99%, which is the best in the industry, and this is something you want to pay attention to - as it shows you not only how technically sound your Brisbane mortgage broker is but how good they are to work with.

4. Communication skills

It's essential to work with a broker who has strong communication skills and keeps you informed throughout the process - something that many larger independent brokers and lenders struggle with. Your Brisbane Mortgage broker should be able to explain complex financial terms in an easy-to-understand manner and respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have. We pride ourselves on our communications, and it's partly why we get so many great online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Fees and charges

While mortgage brokers are typically paid by the lender, they may also charge additional fees for their services. At Zest, we never charge any additional fees for residential Brisbane mortgages, but please be sure to ask about any potential fees and how they will be calculated before working with a broker. This will help you avoid any unexpected costs and surprises later on.

6. Personalised service

A good mortgage broker will be able to find a suitable home loan product. A great Brisbane Mortgage Broker will take the time to understand your individual needs and provide personalised everything so that your home loan is good to service now and into the future - they are essential an authority on finance. A great mortgage broker will also be willing to work with you throughout the entire process, from application to settlement and beyond. A great Brisbane mortgage broker provides a wide variety of services but makes them simple and stress-free.

7. Compatibility

It's important to choose a mortgage broker or lending team who is compatible with your lifestyle and preferences = and who has the right approach to lending opportunities available. This means someone who will listen to your needs, understand your financial goals, and work with you to find the best solution.

They should also be available when you need them and keep you updated on the progress of your loan application and ideally have administration & office support like this for ongoing client management and the kind of customer service you need with such a life-changing purchase. That's not to say a solo Brisbane Mortgage Broker can't do a great job, but you have to consider that they need to do everything in their business, and sometimes communications and capability can fall short.

Different Types of Mortgages Available in Brisbane

Here are some of the most common types of mortgages you may come across when purchasing a property in Brisbane, from major Australian banks, regional banks to smaller lenders:

Variable rate mortgages

This is the most common type of mortgage for Brisbane homeowners, where the interest rate can fluctuate over time based on market conditions. This means your monthly mortgage payments may increase or decrease depending on the current interest rates. Variable-rate mortgages often have lower initial rates compared to fixed-rate mortgages, but they also come with the risk of increasing rates in the future.

This year, we have seen a lot of changes - so if you are looking to refinance your mortgage, please just get in touch with the Zest team to chat about your needs.

Fixed-rate mortgages

Fixed-rate mortgages have a set interest rate for the entire term of the loan, typically ranging from 15 to 30 years. This means that your monthly mortgage payments will remain the same throughout the loan period, making it easier to budget and plan for expenses. However, fixed-rate mortgages may have higher initial rates compared to variable-rate mortgages and provide less flexibility. For example, in some cases, you might need access to an offset account or be able to switch lenders without a hefty payout fee. It's always critical that you understand the full terms of a fixed-rate mortgage.

Interest-only mortgages

With an interest-only mortgage, you only pay the interest portion of your loan for a specific period (usually 5-10 years), and recently, there has been a lot of online promotions around using interest-only mortgages for investment properties. However, after this initial interest-only period, you must start making principal payments in addition to the interest. This type of mortgage can be beneficial if you want lower initial monthly payments but may result in higher payments later on. Interest-only mortgages can be complex finance solutions, so please get in touch with us if you are looking at an interest-only mortgage - it's crucial you understand the full pros and cons.

Low-doc mortgages

Low-doc mortgages are designed for self-employed individuals or small business owners who may have difficulty providing traditional proof of income. These loans typically require less documentation, but they often come with higher interest rates and stricter lending criteria. They can be a good option for those with irregular income or limited financial records. If you are self-employed, please contact us for a chat, or feel free to learn a little more about Mortgage Brokers for self-employed people here. Self-employed home loans can be complex, to say the least.

Non-conforming mortgages

Non-conforming mortgages are for borrowers who do not meet the standard lending criteria, such as having a low credit score or a high debt-to-income ratio. These loans usually come with significantly higher interest rates and fees, but they can provide an opportunity for those in unique financial situations to obtain a mortgage.

Construction loans

If you plan on building your home in Brisbane, a construction loan may be the best option for you. This type of loan provides funding in stages as the construction progresses, with interest-only payments during the building phase and then converting to a standard mortgage once construction is complete.

Split mortgages

Split mortgages allow borrowers to divide their loan into two or more portions with different interest rates and terms. This can provide flexibility in managing your payments by allowing you to fix one portion while keeping another portion variable or splitting between a fixed-rate and an interest-only loan. Of course, these loan types are complex, and it can be tricky to work things out like your borrowing power, so again, please contact us if you are looking at a split mortgage or to get out of one.

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Understanding the mortgage process and the key documents you will need to complete for any lender

Obtaining a mortgage is a significant amount of work, and again where a mortgage broker is invaluable. However, it's essential to understand the lending process and key documents involved. Here are some important steps and documents to know when applying for a mortgage:

1. Pre-approval for your borrowing capacity

Before even starting your Brisbane home or investment property search, it's always recommended to get pre-approved for your mortgage first. This involves providing your financial information (such as income, assets, and debts, including through your credit file) to a lender or broker who will then determine how much you can borrow and your loan service amount. Pre-approval gives you an idea of your budget and makes you more attractive to sellers, which is vital if you are going to negotiate with a seller or real estate agent. A pre-approved applicant almost always gets preference.

2. Your mortgage application

Once you have found a property and made an offer, the next step is submitting a formal mortgage application. Your lender will ask for more detailed documentation about your finances, such as bank statements, tax returns, and employment verification. In the mortgage broking business, this is where we spend a lot of time to help our clients, and why our Brisbane mortgage broker team get such good reviews, helping to remove the stress of the application process.

3. Mortgage approval

If you have completed the pre-approval, it is very likely that your loan will be approved without issue. Loan approvals can take a few weeks (4-6 weeks is relatively common), although lenders all vary, and new technologies are being used to help speed up the process. During your pre-approval, we can give you an idea of how long your Brisbane mortgage approval will take, as, again, it varies depending on the lender. 

4. Promissory note

The promissory note is the legal contract between you and the lender outlining all terms and conditions of the loan, such as the interest rate and repayment schedule. Be sure to read and understand this document before signing.

5. Deed of trust

The deed of trust is a legal document that gives the lender a security interest in your property. It outlines the terms of your mortgage, including the consequences if you fail to make payments.

Things to consider before you refinance your home loan

With rising interest rates that have thankfully settled in late 2023, you might be wondering if refinancing your home loan can help you save money. Chances are it will, but please chat to one of our team here about refinancing because it's essential to consider some factors before making the decision. Here are a few things to think about:

Current interest rates

One of the main reasons people choose to refinance is to secure a lower interest rate on their loan, which is common for the thousands of Australians who are coming off fixed-rate home loans in 2023 and 2024 from near zero interest. In all cases, it's crucial to keep an eye on current interest rates and compare them with your existing rate. If there's a significant difference, it may be worth considering refinancing. Again, there could be fees or different terms that a new lender has, and it is best to chat with a broker.

Refinancing fees and charges

As mentioned, you need to be aware that refinancing comes with its own set of fees and charges, such as application fees, valuation fees, and exit fees from your current lender. Be sure to factor in these costs when determining if refinancing will be cost-effective for you. If you are looking to refinance your Brisbane home loan, please get in touch with our team to chat about your needs and circumstances.

Your credit score for refinancing

Your credit score plays a significant role in the loan application process for a new loan. If your score has improved since you first obtained your mortgage, you may qualify for better interest rates and terms. On the other hand, if your credit score has decreased, it may be more challenging to secure a favourable refinancing deal. Credit scores can be complex, and we can help here too.

Length of time remaining on your current loan

If you are close to paying off your current home loan, it may not make financial sense to refinance. Consider how much longer you have left on your existing loan and compare that with the time it will take to pay off a new loan.

Your future plans

Before refinancing, think about your future plans. Will you stay in your current home for the long term, or do you plan on selling in a few years? If you are likely to sell your home soon, refinancing may not be worth it, as the fees and charges involved may outweigh any potential savings.

Consult with a local mortgage broker

It's always a good idea to consult with a mortgage broker before making any decisions about refinancing. We can provide valuable insights and help you determine if it is the right move for your specific financial situation and goals.

Tips for working with a Brisbane Mortgage Broker

At Zest, we guide you through every step and always aim to be an invaluable resource when navigating the home loan process. However, knowing how to get the most from your expert broker is essential too, so here are some tips to help you work effectively with your Brisbane mortgage broker:

Be completely open and honest

It's crucial to provide your mortgage broker with accurate and detailed information about your financial situation and goals. This will help them find the best loan options for you and avoid complications later. The mortgage industry is heavily regulated, so if you are not honest, it is almost guaranteed that this will come back to bite you later. 

Ask any questions, big and small

Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something or want more information. A good mortgage broker in Brisbane will be happy to explain things and ensure you have a clear understanding of the loan process - in simple terms without the buzzwords. Be sure to ask your Brissy mortgage broker any questions that you have. 

Be open to considering multiple lenders

Mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of lenders in the finance industry, so it's essential to consider offers from different institutions. Sometimes, the best Mortgage Brokers will recommend a smaller lender, who might not be a big four bank like Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, ANZ Bank or NAB Bank. It is possible that a smaller lender like ME, Bankwest, ING, Macquarie or local Brisbane City lenders like Suncorp Bank may be the best option. 

Keep communications prompt open

Staying in regular communication with your mortgage broker in Brisbane throughout the process is key. Your Mortgage Broker will provide expert advice, updates and advise you on any necessary steps or documents needed to secure your loan or investment loans. Still, we also need to know where you are at - and any homes you are looking to make an offer on if the process needs to be sped up.

Understand the fees

At Zest, we do not have fees. Our services are 100% free for our clients. But if you use another Mortgage Broker in Brisbane, ensure you understand all the fees associated with your loan, including those from the lender and the broker. Ask for a breakdown of these costs and compare them with other offers.

Trust in your broker's expertise

Mortgage brokers are experts in their field and understand the different finance options that suit your unique lifestyle and situation. So it's essential to trust their advice and recommendations. However, if something feels wrong, feel free to speak up and discuss your concerns. You should also have no lock-in contract with a broker, and if you do, please talk to us about the best options.

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Current trends and predictions for the Brisbane Mortgage Market in 2024

The mortgage market in Brisbane is constantly evolving, and it's essential to stay up to date about current trends and housing predictions. Here are some factors that may impact the Brisbane mortgage brokers and the loan market in 2024:

Another rise in property prices

According to recent reports, the housing market in Brisbane is still significantly behind the other major cities in Australia. However, due to the COVID-19 migration and the rise in the trend to live in Brisbane (it's an amazing city), there has been a rather significant and steady increase in property prices over the past few years, which is expected to continue into 2024. This rise in prices could make it more challenging for first-time buyers to enter the market and may also lead to an increase in demand for refinancing options.

End of the low-interest rates

In response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, interest rates reached historic lows. Of course, that ended in late 2023, when interest rates were consistently increased to battle inflation (a whole other blog post). While the near-zero interest rates benefitted homeowners pre-covid, they could still rise in 2024 and beyond. This is always hard to predict, and many experts get it wrong, but more interest rate hikes are likely.

Continued and improved government support

The Australian government has implemented various measures to support the economy during the pandemic, including wage subsidies and grants for home renovations. These initiatives have helped stimulate the housing market in 2023. Now, there are new government schemes for first-home buyers that can help significantly. If you are a Brisbane first-home buyer, please contact Zest for a chat; we help hundreds of local first-home buyers and can help you understand the market and what you need to do.

Digitalisation of the mortgage processes

Technology continues to advance rapidly, which is no different in the mortgage industry. There has been a growing trend towards digitalisation in the mortgage process, making it easier and more efficient for borrowers to secure loans. In 2024, we expect this trend to continue as more lenders and brokers incorporate digital tools into their processes. This is excellent news, as traditional methods are slow, there's no denying it.

Increased competition among lenders

The rise of digital lending platforms and online mortgage brokers has increased competition within the market. This could lead to more competitive interest rates and loan options for borrowers. It may also prompt traditional lenders to improve their offerings to remain competitive.


When should I start looking for a mortgage broker?

It's never too early to start researching mortgage brokers. However, it's essential to have a clear understanding of your financial situation and goals before seeking their services. If you are looking to get a pre-approval or to see how much you can borrow or save by refinancing, please get in touch with us.

How much do mortgage brokers charge in Brisbane?

At Zest, our services are 100% free for our clients. However, some Mortgage Brokers in Brisbane charge fees. The amount may depend on your particular situation and the type of loan you need, so it's best to discuss this upfront with your chosen mortgage broker.

How do you know if a mortgage broker is good?

Some qualities to look for in a good mortgage broker include experience, knowledge of the market, and transparent communication - along with customer reviews and awards. It's helpful to read all reviews in detail, and you can find our Google reviews here if you like : )

Conclusion: Mortgage Brokers in Brisbane

By consulting with a mortgage broker in Brisbane and following the tips in this guide, you can make informed decisions and navigate the loan process more effectively. As we look towards an ever-changing property market, it's essential to stay informed about current trends, including rising property prices, interest rate changes, and increased competition among lenders.

If you would like to chat with the Zest team, we are always available, and our services are completely free. Simply book a meeting online here or get in touch with our team here or on (07) 3461 6499. We are beloved Mortgage Brokers in Brisbane, and we're here to help you get the loan you want and need.

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