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Mortgage Broker FAQ's

Here are some of our most common questions

What are the advantages of a Mortgage Broker?

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Did you know that these days approx. 70% of all Australians use a Mortgage Broker for their home loans or refinancing, as opposed to working directly with a bank? The biggest advantage of a Mortgage Broker like Zest Mortgage Solutions is that we negotiate with 47 different lenders behind the scenes, to get the best deal for your needs. At Zest, we work for you, not the banks.

A Springfield Mortgage Broker like Zest will also simplify the paperwork and help you understand the processes required, like finding and working with the right solicitors. With so much to think about when buying, refinancing or investing, keeping it simple matters.

Why use a local Springfield Mortgage Broker?

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There are plenty of benefits of working with a local Mortgage Broker who knows the Springfield area, local property trends etc. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is being easy to get to. At Zest, many of our clients are super busy, and we can work around your schedule. That's near impossible if you work with a non-local Mortgage Broker.

The Zest Mortgage team is also personally invested in the Springfield area and community spirit. Just this year, Mel Wright, Zest's founder, was nominated as Springfield's business person of the year, and our kids go to school here. We love living in Brisbane’s western suburbs, and we think this shows for our clients. You can meet our local team here

How much can I borrow for my home loan?

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It's pretty much limitless with "how much" you can borrow for your home loan, and in some scenarios, you can possibly borrow up to 95% of the property value. However, to avoid complications, expenses and risks, we would recommend a deposit of at least 20% of your property’s purchase price. As an example, for a $400,000 Springfield home loan, an $80,000 deposit is ideal and you will pay less interest, generally much less insurance, and won’t need a guarantor.

For first home buyers, this may delay the process, and so it’s a balancing act. If you are unsure whether to borrow now or later with a larger deposit, please just get in touch with the Zest team, and we can try to simplify everything and give you the best Springfield home loan options.

What are the different mortgage types?

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A number of various types of home loans, and the one that is right for you will ultimately depend on your circumstances. That's what working with a Mortgage Broker matters; we will find the right home loan type for you. Some of the different home loan types in Australia include: Fixed & Variable home loans, Bridging loans, Construction loans, Interest-only loans, an Introductory loan, Low doc loans and more.

Saying that, either a fixed or variable home loan is the best option for the majority of our Springfield clients who are borrowing or refinancing their home loans. Many of the other loan types are created for unique circumstances. At the end of the day, it’s best to chat with a local team like Zest to understand the different types, and what home loan is best for you.

Can I go directly to a bank?

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Yes, you can directly approach any bank to discuss your home loan needs, perhaps a new bank or the one you keep your accounts with. However, try to see as many banks as you can. At Zest Mortgage Solutions, we negotiate with 47 lenders, including the big 4 banks, and you'd be amazed at how different each bank is. It's partly why most people in Springfield use Mortgage Brokers like Zest these days - it's much simpler.

Another thing to consider is that if down the road, you wanted to change banks or lenders, this can get a bit complicated. Working with a Mortgage Broker helps a lot here, and a Mortgage Broker is not tied to any bank, so we can provide transparent advice and options.

Where are Zest Mortgage Solutions located?

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The Zest team is located in Brookwater in the Springfield area, but we service the entire Western Suburbs of Brisbane and even interstate investors looking to invest in the growing Springfield area. Many of our delighted clients are in the Springfield area, and we’re happy to chat about your mortgage needs at any time.

Please feel free to find our location and contact details here.