7 reasons to use a local mortgage broker

When buying a property, be it your first home or fifth investment property, there will surely be moments when you’ll need some help or suggestions on the best way to move forward. At Zest, we're Mortgage Brokers who are experts in the Brookwater, Springfield and West Brisbane property markets - meaning that we can help when you need it.

A Mortgage Broker is also with you at every step, from the moment you consider buying, budgeting, knowing the market, finding the right loan for your lifestyle, making an offer, working with agents, settling process, revising your loan as the market changes, and much more.

We're also here for you if your lifestyle changes and can even recommend experts like solicitors if required. A Mortgage Broker does a lot, but here are our 7 top reasons to use a local mortgage broker:

1. Local Property Statistics.

Sometimes you might know "where" you want to buy, and then find out that there's another suburb that will suit you better. Sometimes, this is due to the suburb's market value trends; other times, it can be simply having all the right amenities for your lifestyle. At Zest, we are constantly researching market trends, prices, demand and opportunities in the Western Brisbane suburbs. At the end of the day, a Mortgage Broker can help you make smart decisions now.

2. Financial Guidance.

For many of our clients at Zest, having the right financial guidance really helps, even if you have a deposit or just need some fresh eyes on your financial strategy. As local Springfield and Brookwater Mortgage experts, we can create a financial plan for you that fits with your current lifestyle and one that lenders look positively on so that you can borrow the full amount you need.

3. Choice Overload.

Buying a property can be daunting; no matter how big or small the loan is, you will likely spend a few sleepless nights discussing, debating, and trying to work out the best course for your needs. For many of our local Springfield and Brookwater Mortgage clients, buying a home only takes a few months. If you are working full time, having a Mortgage Broker on your side can help reduce choice overload and help you get on the right track from day dot.

4. Lifelong Support.

So you find the perfect home, secure the right loan, and then move in. Then all of a sudden, interest rates change, and you wonder, how does this affect me? Well, by engaging a Mortgage Broker from day one, you'll have lifelong support when it comes to your loan. This also includes the day you decide to start looking into an investment property, and we'll be there to provide the support you need, something you won’t get with a bank.

5. Real-Estate Agents.

Buyers, especially first home buyers, can often be pressured by real-estate agents who make their living from selling properties at the end of the day. Real-estate agents know the tricks of the trade, and by having a highly experienced Mortgage Broker on your side, negotiating can be much more comfortable. At Zest, we've dealt with almost every local Springfield and Brookwater real-estate agent and can help you avoid the agent traps along the way.

6. Property Research Help.

What may appear to be your dream home on the first visit can indeed become a different story down the track if you don't do the right research. A Mortgage Broker like Zest will help you do the right due-diligence, often before you book and pay for a building inspector. Ask us for a full list, but examples like properly testing the shower, checking lights and windows work, walking the neighbourhood and understanding traffic, knowing the local amenities, and much more that matter when you own a home.

7. Savvy Property People.

At Zest Mortgage Solutions, we know the processes and traps when working with banks, real estate agents, solicitors, building inspectors and a long list of people who are involved in the property market. Having a savvy expert on your side can be the difference between having a great experience and one you'd never like to go through again. When it comes to buying a home, this matters!

8. BONUS, The Right Loan.

So after all of those benefits, of course, the most significant advantage of using a local Mortgage Broker like Zest is to help you secure the right loan and great rates for your needs. At Zest, we negotiate with 47 different lenders and have a 99% loan approval rate.

If you are in West Brisbane or looking to buy a property in the area, please feel free to reach out to Mel and the Zest team, we've helped hundreds of delighted local clients get the loans they want, and need.

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